About New-Backup

New-Backup was started back in 2011 by a group of friends who had previously worked together at various stages in their career.

They had all held various posts within the IT industry and liked to share information with each other…

This was everything from custom coded scripts, network diagrams through to useful programs they had created and the odd picture and joke!. Finding it hard to obtain a web hosting provider that would allow them to just store this mass of information where they could easily store their data, the friends decided to create a system that could handle their requirements and host it on their own servers.

As more features were added to the system the group of friends decided to open up the system to the general public with a combined working knowledge of over 100 years within the IT industry and the acceptance that cloud technology is only going to grow and take over as a fundamental power house within every business sector the infrastructure that New-Backup was built on was a no-brainer. New-Backup now boast over half a million customers across the globe.

Our Passion

We truly believe in our product and so does over half a million people and businesses across the globe. We also offer a 30day money back guarantee to back that up!

Our Drive

We thrive on making sure our product is the best on the market! – Our support is the best we can be and that our customer service is always receiving high ratings across review sites!

Our Expertise

We started off with over 100 years of IT knowledge within the business when we first started but we now hold many centuries more!


As a responsible company we run and maintain a green environment both for all of our IT infrastructure and office space!

Company No. 07894353